Monday 22 August 2016

The Masterfully Procrastinated Meta-article

I seem to begin a lot of posts on here by stating how long it’s been since the last one. I’ll try not to do it on this occasion, despite it being a long time since the last one. What I’ll do instead is acknowledge it and change the subject so hopefully no one notices the huge gaps between blog articles becoming akin to the time between Tool albums.

There’s been a lot of changes since the last entry, but what’s been the most significant? Citadels? Sov stuff? The massive botch that has been the WH PvE changes? Well! I now have an Aquarium. That might seem a little random, but I’ll tie that into something nebulously relevant at some point… somehow. But, yes, I tend to not include too much out of game happenings here. I think that last time I did, I mentioned the new job would probably mean a reduction in articles since I wouldn’t be able to write them at work anymore.

Getting back into the swing of things is always pretty hard though. For something like this, you need a little more inspiration than trying to give Tuscor something to read at work or just to write any old thing because Barny likes seeing his name mentioned on the internet somewhere (welcome back to eve btw Barny!). 

In truth, there has been plenty to write about; the self-proclaimed ‘Fortizar Police’ and our citadel losses, accidentally soloing nullsec fleets after some mass calculation errors (i.e. not noticing it was crit) or the huge chips that certain members of The Projects still have on their shoulders (which is always such a delightful salt mine /smug). The fact is I just lost interest when the accompanying video projects crashed without saving a number of times consecutively.

It is here now, though, albeit after many a false-start that was reminiscent of the procrastination that used to occur whenever I needed to do coursework at university. Some people say that making yourself a coffee before typing a single word is procrastination. I call it a necessary pre-requisite and as I was boiling the kettle for the hopefully creativity inducing beverage, I noticed the coconut I bought when I went food shopping at the weekend. This isn’t because I’m particularly partial to coconuts, but I’ve seen the shells used as an alternative for bogwoods for anchoring aquatic plants, which may or may not be of interest to aquarists (that’s a person who keeps an aquarium). In short, even making the coffee got put off. Well, shit. It also looks like changing the subject failed somewhat.

Meanwhile, in game, Enigma Project have been enjoying flying around in remote-repair Svipuls (with Hecate’s and Confessors for those too lazy to train minmatar T3D’s). They pack a punch and have a staying power that belies the destroyer class and because of this, have gotten us some really good fights. And as an unintended by-product of my lack of articles or videos in the recent past, a couple of guys from the 13. have put together the odd video or two.

I’ll start with Znoran, who at least made a start with his “Wrong Hole Stories”. He does mean the pun, despite suggesting the contrary in his first episode – but I suggest skipping to episode 2 purely to remain topical to the Svipuls thing. Of course check out episode 1 if you think it’s a good video or if you think Znoran’s voice is soothing and as silkily smooth as his beard looks – you’ll just have to take my word on that one. He’s also put together a random fight compilation from last year, which is worth checking out.

I will preface the video by say that getting this fleet doctrine off the ground was always going to be the difficult part, especially with some of the newer guys we’d took on, or anyone used to F1+approach style brawling and the video is a good indication that after a couple of attempts, some of the guys were by no means the finished article. Collectively, we’re getting better I will be able to post some more proof here soon™ (if Dan lets me link his video)!

And after all that, what’s so meta about this article? I’ll get around to adding that at a later date…

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