Tuesday 22 September 2015

Keeping Up Appearances

Yeah, it's been a while, but you know...

Well, I did do the whole vacation thing though, inclusive of Typhoons and food poisoning - seriously, there isn't a good time to get food poisoning, but a 12 hour flight has definitely got to be one of the worst times to get it. The only saving grace about bringing your wife and kids along in that situation is that you can use their allocation of air sickness bags. Every time I've mentioned this, people did ask the very same question. I wont say what that particular question was, but the answer is: Yes. Both ends.

So... moving swiftly on...

I'm not sure I mentioned it in another blog post (somewhere in what is now ancient history, even with my previous posting regularity), but somehow, Enigma Project are in the WH diplo channel. Yeah, I fucked up. Apparently, our masterplan of staying firmly under the radar failed somewhat. There was originally some contention over how shit the channel name was, but in the end no one was bothered or motivated enough to change it. It's been amusing though, and I might humbly suggest renaming it to "The Salt Mine" should people tire of "PraiseBob". Nothing quite like the tears of other CEO's. And no, I wont be posting endless steams of said tears, but here's something that made me chuckle:

Kazen Orilg > is 13 in here?
Eisu > I'm pretty sure they are, whether anyone from them is on though, idk
Eisu > oh, jay's down there
Jay Joringer > o/
Jay Joringer > I can pretend I'm not here if you prefer
Eisu > maybe he thinks you smell funny or something?
Eisu > or, like the rest of us, jelly of the goggles.
Jay Joringer > Could be that. I get that a lot
Kazen Orilg > we woulda been down to tango, not sure why you rolled us off

At this point, it seems fairly innocuous, but allow me to put this into some context. Kazen Orilg was speaking for The Desolate Order, who were in our chain. We knew that they don't have a big presence in the EU timezone, so we hadn't bothered them... but we had noticed their neighbors trying to roll the connection to The Desolate Order's home hole. We engaged them without fear of getting back-doored by Brave. We blew some stuff up but the hole got rolled anyway, although despite Kazen's comment, our route back to Lazarus was firmly intact though a couple holes out their static. I felt I had to appraise Kazen of the situation:

Jay Joringer > I'm pretty sure we're still connected
Jay Joringer > I've always preferred calypso, but I'd be remiss to turn down a dance

Having intel on Desolate Order's numbers, I knew Kazen's comment was just a display of pure bravado for the higher echelons of the wormhole community to see. The PraiseBob channel is littered with ridiculous comments like this that amount to nothing other than keeping up appearances. On this occassion, it was compounded by the fact one of his guys had already convo'd Dan telling him they didn't have the numbers to fight. But still, they had to see if we were still actually in their chain...

FeistyOne > Alayne Mastema buzzard jumped into laz

..meanwhile, on Teamspeak:
Jay > Dan! You've just done an Athanor!
FeistyOne > I haven't, have I?
Jij > Who Posted intel in public channels?

An Albatross > lol
Jay Joringer > Guys, we need to stop posting intel in non-corp channels

Eisu > 10/10

But, yes. This is all a thin veneer of having something to say, when I don't. It just a little bit of topical waffle to keep up appearances myself, as an apparent blogger. But I'm confident there will be more content to provide blog content soon. Afterall, holidays and summer are all but over and Enigma Project recruiting again:

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